How do you deal with your missing library books?

How do you deal with your missing library books?

Повідомлення Williamhawk » 14 грудня 2017, 13:46

we are in the position where we have a wonderful secondary school library being used regularly by our students. One problem we have though is a number of students borrowing a book then 'losing it' or continually forgetting to bring it back in. Some are 60 days overdue, some are more than 500 days!
We've written notes in planners to parents asking for them to search at home and sent paper reminders to the students and their tutors but are struggling to get the books returned. As you can imagine this means that there are lots of popular titles just sat in bedrooms somewhere not being read instead of sitting on our library shelves waiting to be borrowed!
Rather than reinvent the wheel I'm hoping there might be some successful ideas already in place out there.
Your thoughts would be very gratefully received!
If anyone has any information about this,
Please help.

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Re: How do you deal with your missing library books?

Повідомлення Shakiras » 22 березня 2019, 08:24

Our students are more likely to acquire ready-made diplomas that offer sites like this
So the problem with the books was solved by itself.

Good luck.
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