Seminar- Filter Bubble's

Seminar- Filter Bubble's

Повідомлення Williamhawk » 23 грудня 2017, 10:17

The main claims in filter bubbles are that the internet is learning how to tailor our expectations of certain websites to be exactly what we want, but in the meantime is filtering out the things we pay less attention to, the things we may need to know. He ends with the claim that we should be able to decide what is filtered out of our direct line of information, as the internet has become for most, and that the website companies should be aware of the effect that ignorance of certain events or information can have on some people. What does the talk have to do with the Wikipedia and any other sources we've read? The big connection I pulled out of the Ted talks and the Wikipedia articles was the effect that advancing technology through the internet has on our society. In the discussion of filter bubbles the speaker explains how the internet is being personally tailored to fit our specific wants and expectations. With websites like Facebook and Google that are learning to recognize what we focus on most when it comes to the internet, and filtering out everything else without our knowledge. He fears that because of these filter bubbles we are becoming oblivious of the major things happening in the world and that not everyone is being fully informed. In the Wikipedia article about media violence, it discusses the effects that the media can have on the general public, and that the wrong information can be crossed if people are relying too dependently on what the media is telling them. Social cognitive theory explains the concept of desensitization. This could tie into the Ted talk because we are essentially addicted to our conveniences. We like what is easy, and if we see something that looks like an easy solution on TV we start to see it as a good idea. If we like the way our phones and computers so quickly and easily tell us what we need to know, we see no problem in it.

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