Institutional biosafety commete

Institutional biosafety commete

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The purpose of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is to provide a forum for addressing biosafety issues across the University. It also has a duty to protect students and staff of the University, as well as the Australian people and environment, by establishing procedures to minimise risk due to the release of any harmful organism into the environment.
The (IBC) has the specific responsibility to consider and advise on the following types of activity within research and teaching programs:
The use of potentially infectious agents in laboratories (under Australian Standard AS/NZS 2243.3 and related professional and regulatory policies)
Work with genetically modified organisms (under the Gene Technology Act 2000) and other guidelines provided by the Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR).
Activities relating to the safe handling and disposal of imported biological materials (under Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service regulations)
Consequently, the IBC is a central element of the management of health and safety for any organisation engaged in activities involving recombinant DNA, genetic manipulation and any exposure to potentially infectious or hazardous agents such as human or animal blood or tissues, whether locally derived or imported.

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