Online Resources for Engaging Students in Bioethical Discuss

Online Resources for Engaging Students in Bioethical Discuss

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New medical technologies and products, as well as changing demographics and social mores, drive dynamic conversations about public health and scientific research. These shifts and discoveries introduce new ethical questions—or fresh takes on old questions. Should we develop a particular new technology or pursue a specific line of research given that we have limited resources? Who should benefit from new discoveries—all individuals or only those who can afford the treatments? Addressing bioethical issues is a growing component of critical thinking within science curricula.
Engaging students with controversial current events can be a powerful way to capture their interest. However, popular news coverage of bioethical quandaries often reduces complex issues to mere inflammatory sound bites. The rapidly changing nature of the questions with which bioethics is concerned makes the subject particularly amenable to the use of online resources as primary or supplemental teaching materials. In this review, we highlight free online resources for teaching bioethics that will be useful for educators working with high school and undergraduate students. Though accessed online, most of these resources are text based.

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