National Institutional Biosafety Committee Forum

National Institutional Biosafety Committee Forum

Повідомлення Williamhawk » 27 грудня 2017, 14:45

It is my view that science is at its most effective when it operates with what we might call a ‘social licence’.
In effect that means that there is a form of ‘compact’ with the community that makes clear the responsibilities of each side to the other.
On the side of the practitioner, it means that science will be conducted in a manner that is consistent with community needs hopes and aspirations. So science will be conducted ethically, but will be seen as a mechanism through which our society is made better.
We are presently drafting a STEM Strategy in my Office.
In that Strategy, we seek to define the ends – what do we do all this for
and we opt for betterment of our community and its place in the world.
We then argue that between the practices of STEM and betterment, we have that societal compact.
In order to develop the compact, the community has to be informed.

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