Bioethics Conference 2011

Bioethics Conference 2011

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Princeton President and molecular biologist Shirley Tilghman kicked off the day of varied presentations with a provoking keynote address entitled "Irrational Exuberance: Over-Promising In Science." The phrase "Irrational Exuberance," originally coined by Fed chairman Alan Greenspan to describe the economic Dot Com bubble of the 1990s, in Tilghman’s speech referred to the way in which scientists at the forefront of important research often promise an unwitting public far too much based upon little evidence. This over-promising, she pointed out, can easily lead to compromises in safety and proper protocol, as well as falsely high expectations, that have ethical implications for all scientists. Professor Tilghman recounted her own personal experiences as a young scientist during the initial development of Recombinant DNA techniques in order to demonstrate the conservative but appropriate way that this once controversial technique was gradually integrated into the scientific and public communities. She contrasted this with the current issue of stem cell research and the poor way in which the scientific community has thus far handled a vitally important field of research with a lot of potential for both harm and good. The talk warmed up the audience’s minds and provided an essential political and social context for the specific bioethical topics later presented by students

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